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Monday, April 25, 2005

+ Hi Haiku

Hail all.

Last week I posted a Playlist Haiku Manifesto proposing the creation of Rhapsody playlists that fit the traditional 5-7-5-syllable haiku form. The idea struck a creative nerve with some other playlist bloggers, and Robert of the Radish started this dedicated playlist haiku locale. He asked me to inaugurate the site.

Since my own playlist blog is titled Ribaldry & Schmaltz, I'll offer up a haiku manifestation of each:


jerkin' back 'n' forth
you're the one for me fatty
I shall be released

(Source: Devo, Morrissey, Earl Scruggs)


way beyond the sun
no depression in heaven
planned obsolescence

(Source: The Byrds, Carter Family, Halo Benders)
Posted by J Shifty
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